Set Course

With the occasional venture off the beaten path, Set Course performs a dynamic mix of European traditional and folk music.  Formed in 2016 by Justin Bridges (fiddle) and Jeremy Wade (bodhrán), Set Course embodies the desire to “explore” – whether that be exploration of unusual/ uncommon/ exotic tunes, or unique methods of approaching familiar music.

The duo blazes its own trail, paying homage to the rich cultural traditions from which it draws inspiration, while infusing performances with a contemporary flair.  It would not be implausible to find elements of jazz, ragtime, or funk (or the occasional video game tune) mixed in with a collection of jigs and reels!

Set Course released its debut album, “Maiden Voyage” in June of 2017.  In addition to a handful of Irish tunes, the EP includes an untitled Macedonian tune in 7/8, a Swedish tune featuring Justin on the nyckelharpa, and a mixed-meter “slip jig” that progressively drops 8th notes as the tune progresses.  You can find more info here.

Whether on a concert hall stage or in a small pub, Set Course will be right at home.  The duo regularly performs at local festivals/ concerts, and has collaborated with a number of artists, including Liam’s Fancy, John Skelton, and the Kentucky McTeggart Irish Dancers.

As both Justin and Jeremy are professional music educators, live performances will often include “teachable moments” that range from discussions of history and culture to music theory.  For those interested in learning more about Irish traditional music and dance, Set Course is available for educational workshops and presentations.

“Jeremy and Justin are fantastic musicians who were wonderful to work with!  As an Irish dancing / sean nós dancing teacher, I really enjoyed collaborating with them – two thumbs up!!”
– Mary Beth Taylor, TCRG (Irish and Sean-Nós Dance Dublin)

“Their music is beguiling, enchanting, and most importantly – makes you want to get up and (Irish) dance!  Love listening and working with these guys.”
– Allison Duvall, TCRG (Kentucky McTeggart Irish Dancers)